(from 11 years old and up)


Wednesdays from 16 :00 to 17 :00.


20.- per class (everything included). 
10%  discount for 2nd member of a family.

The classes are conducted completely in English but translated in French for beginners.  Vocabulary lists will be given of the terms used during class and worksheets to be filled out at home are given from time to time.

Class description

Different techniques will be used in order to create simple projects.  In order to manipulate the clay one must learn several techniques like Pinch Pot, Coil and Slab constructions.  In learning these basic techniques as well as surface embellishment, the students will create unique, utilitarian and fun pieces.  After the first firing of the student’s pieces, they will learn how to glaze their projects and see how the colours sometimes change after the second firing.

Students with previous experience will be introduced to figurative modelling of animals and or of the human form, for example.  The projects will be more complex which will involve working with molds and forms that they can reuse and make themselves.  They will be able to perfect modelling techniques and the application of creative principles.    


Pay only for classes taken.  You can pay per class or for a series of 10 classes.